Donzé Cadrans SA

In September 2011 the Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin announced its acquisition of Donzé Cadrans, SA. A small but vitally important company, Donzé Cadrans specializes in creating enamel dials of high-end watches.

Since its inception in 1845, Ulysse Nardin has been one of the most creative forces in watchmaking; it was the first to use innovative materials and has tirelessly brought a new sensitivity and awareness to its timepieces. For the past 35 years, traditional enameling work has had an important place in all of Ulysse Nardin’s collections.

The acquisition of Donzé Cadrans will allow Ulysse Nardin to develop and master the fabrication of traditional enamels, including the complicated techniques of “Grand-Feu” enamel, cloisonné (design made by filling in a wire outline with colored enamel) etc… In acquiring the company, Ulysse Nardin has ensured the future of the work done at 36, rue de l’Avenir by contributing to the renovation of the building and to the unique beauty of its watches. The process of creating enamel dials is delicate and difficult to master, an artisanal competence which requires that over 90% of the process is done by hand. There is no available modern technology that could enhance the process.

Each day, Donzé Cadrans continues to produce watch dials for multiple brands each one became the ambassador of a traditional work of art, one that we wish to perpetuate.

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