In 1972, master enamel maker Francis Donzé founded Donzé Cadrans S.A., unaware that his niche company would one day be recognized around the world for its exceptional specialized skills in the field of enamel dials, intended particularly for ancestral watches and Haute Horlogerie.

Only ten years later, his daughter and son-in-law, Francine and Michel Vermot, joined the family business while Francis continued his work as a craftsman on watch dials until his retirement in 1987. Cherishing the art of enamel and firmly committing to strengthening its independence in the field of watchmaking, Ulysse Nardin acquired Donzé Cadrans in 2011, allowing Donzé Cadrans to continue to offer its skills independently without Such.

Donzé Cadrans Basement Outside
Donzé Cadrans Basement Interior

In September 2011, Ulysse Nardin, the renowned Swiss watchmaking house, made headlines by announcing the acquisition of Donzé Cadrans SA, a workshop specialized in creating dials for luxury watches. Since its inception in 1846, Ulysse Nardin has always been at the forefront of innovation in the watchmaking world, pioneering the use of revolutionary materials and bringing a touch of freshness to its creations. For over 35 years, traditional enamel has been a flagship element of its collections.

This acquisition has opened new horizons for Ulysse Nardin, allowing it to strengthen its expertise in traditional enamel manufacturing, such as grand feu and cloisonné, while preserving its love for watches of incomparable beauty. Ulysse Nardin is committed to maintaining the activity of Donzé Cadrans at Rue de l’Avenir 36, contributing to the renovation of the premises and the acquisition of new machinery. Despite technological advancements, the enameling process remains deeply rooted in craftsmanship, with 90% of operations being done by hand, as no modern machine can match the precision of artisanal work.

Every day, the Donzé Cadrans workshop continues its mission to create dials for a multitude of watch brands, whether they are small, medium, or world-renowned. Each watch thus becomes an ambassador of the traditional art that we strive to preserve and pass on to future generations.

Donzé Cadrans Enameling Label
Czapek Cadrans La Goutte Multi Dials
Enamel Process Enameling